Since 2009 Key achievements

  • NHS pays up to £7 000/year to COPD patients
  • Installed over 400 salt rooms around the World
  • Over 93 000 clients have been treated by us in the UK
  • Media coverage in over 100 Newspapers, magazines and TV

Stats from survey:

  • 87% of patients reported significant improvement
  • after 5 session significant improvement
  • 2-5 sessions a week recommended frequency

Media coverage:

  • CNN
  • BBC News
  • Daily Mail
  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph

I have had COPD for a number of years.
After my 2nd visit it was clear that the inhaler
use had been cut by about 70%.
Only time will tell about the antibiotics.
I was more than satisfied!

Having chronic bronchitis I experienced
constant coughing and chest pain each morning.
Getting a cold/ flu turned bronchitis into a
horrible condition. After 15 sessions
with the Salt Cave was coughing less,
I felt clearer and my recent cold did not turn
into the notorious sickness.

Kiaan has suffered with eczema
since he was a baby. After just
three sessions in the Salt Cave we noticed
the difference and after just seven sessions
the condition had completely cleared up

Everything yout need to know about the Salt Chalet

Powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air medium
that simulates the natural salt cave microclimate
to treat respiratory and skin conditions.

What You need

3 sqm spare room for the Chalet

What is included?

  • Salt Chalet Booth
  • NHS approved Breeze Tronic Pro (BTP) medical device
  • Laser SensorUnit
  • Remote Console Unit (installed at your reception)
  • TV and Media Box installed
    (remaining time, salt concentration, humidity, temperature displayed on TV)
  • Air exchange system with
    built in HEPA filter (controlled by BTP)
  • Shipping and installation (in the UK)
  • 25kg pharmaceutical salt
  • Training package (read more here)

Main parameters

  • Dimensions (mm): W2200 x D1200 x H2200
  • Weight: 260 kg
  • Power outlet inside
  • LED lights inside (controlled by BTP)
  • Easy operation: Just select your medical condition
    on the touch screen (e.g. COPD, Asthma, Sinusitis,
    Bronchiectasis, Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis) and press Start
  • NHS pays for Salt Therapy to patients suffering
    from COPD who qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare
  • Dry saline aerosol kills all bacterias and most viruses
    and shifts out retained mucus from airways,
    which causes fibroses and can be fatal at
    severe breathing condition or COVID-19 patients
Salt Chalet

Financing Salt Chalet Offer

to get a personalized monthly instalment amount click here

Offer Offer

Funding Falcon

Spas and Wellness Centres
are adding Salt Chalets to help customers
cleanse their respiratory system,
improve their lung function, and
boost their immune system.

For SPA owners: Training Package

What is included

  • 1 day On-Site training
  • Certificate of completion of training for each employee

Training materials covering the below topics:

1. Marketing

  • Previous marketing campaigns
  • Artworks, Creatives (editable): ads, brochures, leaflets, posters,
    radio scripts, PR editorials, email newsletters,
    testimonials, case studies, client surveys and their results
  • High resolution professional photos
  • Digital content, landing pages, google analytics,
    google ads, campaigns, keywords, targeting
  • Marketing stats, return (ROI) rates

Patient’s profile for marketing and PR activity (age; conditions/diagnose)
On the basis of our experience we have an extensive knowledge about the target market of Salt Therapy

Traditional marketing (offline marketing)
  • Define target audiences - When setting up your marketing strategy
    it is also crucial to know who your target market is,
    so that you can target the right patients from the
    very beginning of your operation. This way you can avoid
    any inefficient and costly marketing campaigns
  • PR Strategies - we’ve been presented
    in the Daily Mail, on CNN and in the BBC radio.
    We can teach you how to achieve this
  • Advertisement strategies
  • Organizing Open Days
Online marketing (digital content)
  • We have daily 3000 visitors (potential patients)
    on our website and we teach you to achieve the same result
  • How to connect your practice management and invoicing system to your website,
    providing online appointment booking and online sales facilities
  • How to use an external receptionist service which has access
    to your own practice management system
  • Email newsletter campaigns
  • Google organic search strategies
  • Google Adwords PPC (pay per click) campaigns
    for specific conditions • locations
  • How to set up the right website structure • keywords
  • How to use and understand Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools
  • Who is your patient (age, gender, travel distance)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sachi and Sachi analysis

2. Operational

  • Medical studies, videos of medical conditions,
    description of medical conditions
  • Medical power point presentations videos,
    presentations, videos of presentations
  • Operational stats:
    • Patient return rate
    • Income per patient
    • Income per condition
    • No of sessions per condition
    • Frequency of visits
    • Forms to use – patient registration
    • weekly, monthly reports
  • Clinic procedures
  • Patient fees /packages /discount system, pricing
  • Doctor – clinic relation (fee options);
    Doctor’s rule at marketing and PR activity
  • How to work with health professionals,
    GPs, specialists for patient referral
  • Private health insurance programs
  • How to work with NHS
    to benefit from Personal Health Budget Scheme
    (NHS pays for attending Salt Therapy provided by Breeze Tronic Pro
    for COPD sufferers in the UK)
  • How to use, Clean and maintain BTP Halogenerator

We are Worldwide Salt Chalet on Map

Over 400 salt rooms have now been built around the World (in 20 countries)
with Breeze Tronic Pro for private businesses, spas and home users.


We completed hundreds of projects in the below over 20 countries:

The Salt Cave United Kingdom
Salt Chamber Switzerland
Salt Room Spain Spain
Las Salinas Lebanon
Salt World India
Salt Room WinterHaven USA - Florida
Salt Of The Earth Ireland
Halo Clinic Netherland
Salt & Soul Australia
SOL Malaysia

The NHS Project

In 2011 The Salt Cave was invited by the NHS to participate
in a pilot project, as part of the Personal Health Budget program,
to provide therapy for a COPD sufferer, called Clara Buffong.
The NHS paid for her treatment and they monitored her for over a year.

Clara Buffong, who took part in the project and explains:

The Salt Cave changed my life. Before I visited the Salt Cave I was on lots of antibiotics and steroids,
none of which made me feel much better. I was basically confined to my house, and hated to be around people
as my breathing was so noisy. However, this has now changed thanks to salt therapy.
I know I will never get completely better, but the Salt Cave lets me live again and manage my illness
in a way that I can enjoy my life again. When I walk out of the Salt Cave I feel high on life. I call it my heaven on earth.
If salt therapy can work for me it can work for anybody, so I urge all COPD sufferers to give it a go

From 1st April 2014 everyone, who is eligible
for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, has the right to apply for Personal Health Budget.
If you apply for Personal Health Budget, together with your NHS team (such as a GP) you will develop a care plan. The plan sets out your personal health and wellbeing needs, the health outcomes you want to achieve, the amount of money in the budget and how you are going to spend it. You can use a personal health budget to pay for a wide range of items and services, including therapies, personal care and equipment. New patients found eligible for Continuing Healthcare from 1st April 2014 also have the same rights.

This is how Salt Therapy can help you recover from COVID-19:

Having a chronic lung condition, such as COPD, Cystic Fibrosis or
Bronchiectasis is known to increase your risk of severe
illness from COVID-19.

Read a Relevant medical study here

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