Salt Chalet Breeze Tronic Pro Support

If you have any problem with operating your the Breeze Tronic Pro medical device before you open a Support Ticket please make sure that you tried the following steps:

  • 1. Screen Calibration was completed
  • 2. Firmware (software) upgrade
    (reload) was completed
    using the SD card provided with the BTP
  • 3. Troubleshooting section of the User Guide was checked

If you still experiencing problems please Open a Support Ticket using this form:

Breeze Tronic Support Ticket Submission

Breeze Tronic Information

The Serial Number is visible on the data board behind the door
on the right hand side of the device (e.g. 611/001)

Please detail how we can replicate the issue in at least 5 steps

To get there please select in Manual mode Feeder: 6; Fan: 6; Mill: 6; LCD Brightness: 6 and CLICK on white area in the top right corner of the stand-by screen

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