All about Breeze Tronic Pro - Halogenerator

Breeze Tronic Pro is a medical device used to provide Salt Therapy (a.k.a Halotherapy) to patients suffering from breathing problems (e.g.  Asthma, COPD, sinusitis, bronchiectasis, etc). It generates and pumps in negative ionized tiny little salt particles into the treatment room (or Salt Chalet). Patients breathe in this special salty microclimate and salt particles are delivered into the upper (sinuses) and lower respiratory system (lungs).
Here salt breaks up the mucus, helps to shift it out, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and reduces the IgE level (immune system).

Why Breeze Tronic Pro is the best business tool?

BTP operational screen

“This is the only device on the market where you can select the medical condition of all your patients and the machine will set up the right concentration for each particle size range to provide a safe treatment for everyone with the minimum compromise.”

“Why is it important to measure the parameters of the microclimate? If the concentration is too low in a given particle size range, then the patient’s condition won’t improve. If it is too high, the treatment will trigger an attack and the patient may take you to the court demanding compensation.”

  • NHS:

    Breeze Tronic Pro is the only medical device for Salt Therapy which is approved by NHS and the therapy is paid for by NHS for COPD sufferers.

  • Profit:

    As BTP is much more efficient device than it’s competitors, it delivers better results and more improvements of client’s medical condition due to the better quality microclimate during Salt Therapy session.
    More satisfied clients result in higher income, therefore higher profit.

  • Reliable track record:

    • Established in London in 2009

    • 93 000 UK based patients

    • Hundreds of BTPs sold in over 20 countries

    • Press / Articles in hundreds of newspapers / magazines / TV (e.g. BBC, CBBC, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Sunday Times, Sun, etc)

Essential tools for effectiveness in healing different conditions and safety of sensitive patients

Breeze Tronic Pro - medical device
  • Pre-programmed concentration levels for the various respiratory and skin conditions – other devices don’t help you decide which concentration to use with different conditions. Thus salt therapy can be ineffective, or even dangerous for sensitive patients. Breeze Tronic Pro does this work for you: you just need to select the conditions to treat
  • Monitor the microclimate, the concentration & penetration of the salt in the therapy room. It maintains the proper concentration for each particle size range automatically.
  • Automatic booster fan – it is essential to circulate the air inside therapy rooms to maintain a steady microclimate in the whole treatment room, hence each patient can experience the same effectiveness of the therapy.  With this solution, patients don’t inhale the same air twice and so we minimize the chance to catch infections from each other during the session. Other companies don’t offer this solution, which can be dangerous to patients. It is also crucial to avoid over-pressure in the Chalet for a balanced concentration through the room.

Some further properties
of Breeze Tronic Pro medical device:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Graphical user interface - 7" colour touch screen with stainless steel frame
  • Salt level sensor in Feeder - with alarm function if salt runs out
  • Remote software upgrade – we continuously develop our software and provide you updates regularly.  Thanks to this facility we can fix software issues remotely to minimize any downtime since you don’t need to ship the machine back to us
  • Personalized start-up screen – your company logo is displayed at start-up
  • Multiple languages are supported
  • Fuse and monitoring system for ventilation, measuring the speed of ventilation – with other devices broken fans can sit in the loft for months without anyone noticing the problem
  • Automatic control for feeder / diffuser / fan / booster fan
  • Built in MP3 player (with pre-loaded relaxation background music) with amplifier and speaker connectors (corrosion proof) → regular mp3 players and amplifiers would not last long in the salty microclimate due to corrosion
  • Self-monitoring system with alarm (continuously checks if all internal motors and parts are operating properly)
  • Open-door-protection for salt diffuser (during cleaning the high speed grinder can't be started accidentally)

Salt Chalet Accessories:

The following accessories are available for the Breeze Tronic Pro medical device to provide the most efficient and safest Salt Therapy experience and a user friendly operation.

  • Remote control:

    This optional tool is for Salt Chalets, where the distance between the device and the reception is so far that the operator cannot hear if the device beeps.  The remote control shows the remaining time, humidity, temperature on an additional display. Sessions can be also started remotely. If salt runs out or the humidity is too high it will also inform the operator.

  • Media Box:

    The media box is controlled by the medical device and is connected to an LCD TV in the Salt Room.  A 5-minute intro can be shown about the therapy to new patients and it can also display the concentration, remaining time, humidity and temperature of the microclimate. For children it can also play movies/cartoons using the built in memory.  The remaining time and microclimate parameters can also be displayed on screen during the movie.

  • Laser sensor unit:

    The laser sensor unit measures in the treatment room the concentration, particle size, temperature and humidity.  When the sensor unit is connected the operator just enters the condition of the patients through the touch screen (e.g. 2 people with Acute Sinusitis, 3 with Ear infection and 1 with COPD) and the device will calculate which concentration and particle size will be the most beneficial for this session as it adjusts the the speed of the diffuser, dosator, fan and booster fan to ensure that the aerosol the clients are breathing is at the optimal level.

Without these sensors it is impossible to estimate the current concentration as the humidity, temperature, number of clients, size of the room, shape of the room, etc have a significant impact on it even if the speed of fan/diffuser/dosator is known. Even if we would know about the parameters of the microclimate, in order for us to accurately know the ideal concentration for each patient’s medical condition in the groups, we would need to manually calculate it for each session using various medical studies.  This is the most significant advantage of the device as all these are done automatically by the sensors, microprocessors and built in calculation logics.

If the humidity or temperature moves out of the ideal range the operator will be informed. It is really important as if the humidity is too low / high the healing effect of the therapy will be reduced.

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